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Here is the information from Brother Richardson regarding the Habitat for Humanity Event. (Remember, we are not doing any construction work ourselves, we are helping feed those who are doing the hard labor.)

When: March 17th @ 10:30. This will give us time to setup, and start to prepare the grill and food.

Where: 1230 NW 62nd Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33313

Things we need:

Coolers (5 to 8)
Grill ( big enough to cook for 100 or a couple grills)
Hot dogs
Buns for both meats
Condiments (ketchup and Mustard)
Salads (Macaroni, Potato, Cole Slaw)
Baked Beans
Water ( I got this)
utensils ( I have forks and knives)
Paper Products (napkins and plates)


I look forward to seeing as many brothers there as possible. If everyone brings just one item, the afternoon will be a success. And if you are unable to bring an item, by simply showing up and giving an hour of your time, it will contribute immensely and be most appreciated.

This event is not limited to the brothers of Coral Springs Lodge #373 either. All are welcome.

Please join us and help support our community. It’s what we (as Masons) do!

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