The Importance of Freemasonry in Today’s Society

From the 18th century until now, the value of Freemasonry has done everything but dwindle through the decades. Being rooted with timeless ideals of brotherly love, public relief, and truth causes their journey to never die. The moral basis is essential for every society to prosper no matter what it shifts in to. The everlasting importance of Freemasonry to today’s society is shown in economics, politics, and our evolving culture.

Freemasons place emphasis on individual commitment to their community, themselves and their families. They want the brotherhood to remember that they must continue to strive toward their own idea of improvement, instead of creating a set definition. Each member of the brotherhood brings their own qualities to the table; which adds to the liquidity of the organization. Over time, their ideals have applied to every different society we shift in to. This makes its existence important to the past up until the present. The prosperity of the brotherhood that primarily created this country is essential to the society that we are in today.

We often describe modern society as a network of people who care about materialistic things. Our nation’s economic system is based on supply and demand –which only exists because of materialistic needs. People invest in products to increase their ‘wealth’, and producers take advantage of that demand in order to gain their own sense of wealth. This revolving door has become the basis of today’s economic system. At the foundation of America, Freemasonry was a way for Enlightenment thinkers to meet and discuss how our nation should be built. They wanted our economic ideals to be focused on welfare rather than big business.

Today, Freemasonry is essential because it stays true to what America was created for. Our government is limited, and it is there to help the people through programs and funding. Freemasonry has a huge part to take in that as they focus on giving back to their communities. Each day, Freemasons in North America give $1.5 million toward hospitals, community projects, and other Freemason organizations. As today’s economy moves away from welfare and more toward a market system, Freemasonry will always be standing strong in their ideals to give back. Without the abundance of money going to the well-being of our society, many essential programs would not exist; therefore, it is very valuable to today’s society.

Freemasonry is important because it allows us to put our public policy towards improvement of the individual. Its imprinting on policy will bring more attention to the ever changing issues in today’s society. Challenges such as lacking medical research, equality, or health care are going to be addressed more readily as Freemasons discuss and find solutions. The brotherhood within Freemasonry brings together the brightest people who take on a wide array of jobs and religions. With this being said, they can meet to discuss the most trivial topics that come up, and come to the most efficient solution. Their connections and history in politics gives the brotherhood a heightened ability to influence public policy. An underlying ideal of Freemasonry is to utilize one’s knowledge for the well-being of others. If a brother has the ability to promote positive change, it is his duty to do so. This is valuable to today’s society because there are millions of people fighting for change, and with the help of Freemasons, those changes can be possible.

Compared to 100 years ago, our culture has changed drastically. With 44.5 million immigrants living in the United States as of 2017, the culture has become less orthodox, and instead, more diverse. Freemasonry does not object any members based on race or religion, and in today’s society that is very important. People come to this country to gain opportunity and freedom. With the ability to become a part of the brotherhood, they can evolve into active members of their community, and be better men for themselves and their families. Freemasons model the culture of today’s society because it involves many different backgrounds. The brotherhood is based off of the religious principal of a supreme God rather than any specific belief system. Knowing this, it is essential for Freemasonry to exist in today’s society. We are able to bring everyone together in the brotherhood to move our society’s culture toward a more inclusive environment.

Freemasons invest time and money toward the well-being of the community. In South Florida, diversity is at the forefront in terms of our demographic. Freemasons from every culture and race are able to be a part of the brotherhood. We can see this as a model for our own republic system as the brotherhood will represent all that populate the area. We will see improvements be made in different parts of our community as more and more parts are represented. In less prosperous areas, public schools or orphanages can be improved because of Freemason’s funding. More attention will be brought to other areas of trouble, as more men become a part of the brotherhood. This is essential to the culture of today’s society since we can shift to including all those that represent our nation’s population.

The economic, political, and cultural basis of today’s society relies so heavily on Freemasonry that its importance cannot be questioned. The principles of brotherhood and personal growth will stand true in any form of society we shift in to. Our nation was built on Enlightenment policy, as was Freemasonry. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are the exact documents that have governed these lands since the beginning. Freemasonry is important to today’s society because it ensures that we do not lose touch on what our country was created to be. Our government is here to serve the people, and the brotherhood will always act toward that goal. Their never-ending service to themselves, their families and the community is a gift that our nation needs. Without it, we will be vulnerable to entities that act to infiltrate our prosperous system of government.


Kaci Thomas/Coral Springs High School